Below are nine key facts to keep in mind when designing and implementing your new business websites.

1. GOALS: It starts with having clear goals. Having a strategic plan that is directed to achieving your specific results must be designed into the web site from the beginning. If you know what you want, you’re more likely to get it.

2. INVESTMENT: Don’t be cheap. If you cut corners in constructing a web site don’t be disappointed in six months when no one has shown up. Good productive web sites are more complicated and fine tuned than you would ever imagine. You get what you pay for!

what you pay for

3. MAINTENANCE: Don’t put it up and walk away. One very good reason for having a web person maintain your web site is that you can expect it to be regularly updated. Visitors will instinctively know if a web site is not fresh and if it isn’t, they go away.

4. CONTENT: Content is king. Say what you have to say to accomplish your goal. Don’t bog down the visitor with your personal history or extraneous fluff. Your content should lead them over a path through the web site to a conclusion where you ask them to act!

5. BENEFITS: Offer a unique benefit. Trade the visitor some cool thing and request their email or phone to get that benefit. If you have 1,000 visits a day it will mean nothing if you don’t get them to email you or call you. This action is called conversions.

6. SEARCH ENGINES: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes more traffic. Professional web developers can build over 15 triggers on the view side and under the hood of your web site. Google and other search engines send out internet robots to scan your web site, if they don’t see the right combinations they will never give a good ranking. Ranking can mean the difference of tens or thousands of hits.

7. TRACKING: Quantify the results. If you don’t count the hits, how will you know if the site is working? You can follow in the visitor’s footsteps to see what they wanted to see. Sometimes that means changing things to give them what they want. A good statistics program will show many trends and treasures.

8. HOOKS: Give them what they came for. If they came in for rice don’t serve beans. Put yourself in their shoes, you have just eight seconds to gain their confidence and satisfy why they came to your web site.

9. CONVERSIONS: Keep it simple. Don’t overdo things. Satisfy and simplify. Don’t give them too many choices and in the end ask for their business!

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